Modern American Comfort Food: An Explanation

4Do you understand the meaning of the often-heard term comfort food? You probably have a conjecture about what it means from the ways that you have heard it used. Food that takes away stress from your mind is the best way to understand it. There are many ways that stress can creep into our lives in the modern American culture in which we live. One way to relieve it is by eating comfort food. This is done for many reasons. For more details about Rick Schaden, click the link.

The fact that modern American comfort food is one of the quickest ways to relieve stress is the first reason why many people choose to do so. Of course there are plenty of ways to relieve stress. Some of these ways include just relaxing, playing a sport, playing music, or just listening to music. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you will have time for these things on a daily basis because of how modern society functions. Instead, it is much easier to just go to the store to buy some kind of comfort food and eat it while you are still on the go.

The second reason why comfort food is a top choice for stress relief is that it can release chemicals into the body that calm the nerves. You may have heard of the fact that chocolate releases endorphins into the body and makes you feel good. Well, other types of comfort foods can have similar effects. Therefore, instead of doing some other sort of activity that might release the same chemicals, some people chose to eat.

Another thing that makes modern American comfort food a popular way to relieve stress is that it can remind someone of an important or memorable event. Eating some kinds of food can remind you of a time when you were in a positive emotional state. If this was a happy time, then this emotional state can filter back into your mind. For example, if you enjoyed a special banana split with your grandmother during your childhood days, it might be true that any time you eat one afterwards, joy flows through your body. Visit the link to get more information about Richard E. Schaden.

The last reason why people choose to eat modern American comfort food is by doing so your body is quickly filled with energy from them. What kind of food do you like to eat when you are stressed out? Is it dark chocolate, popcorn, a root beer float, or something along those lines? These all have ingredients which consist of a lot of sugar and calories. The sugar and calories are quickly burned and result in a fast boost to your body’s system. This energy can give your body the relief from stress that it wants in a very short time span.

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